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Services Provided

  • Customer Care
  • Inquiries & Education
  • Order Management
  • General Inquiries
  • RMA/Warranty Management

The Challenge

With the onset of COVID-19, this leading eCommerce client needed help meeting the sudden increase in online shopping demand. Not only that, their peak season was right around the corner. They needed skilled agents by the thousands and they needed them fast.

The Solution

Drawing upon our existing pool of prescreened candidates, internal social recruiting program, and Recruitment Automation Platform where we use social media channels to target, find, and engage candidates, iQor staffed agents quickly. In two months, we had 1,500 agents hired, trained, and serving customers.

The Results

iQor assisted 35,000 customers during the client’s peak shopping week. In the months leading up to its peak season, iQor’s Fairview and Davao contact centers ranked above all the client’s other new partners. They met all volume forecasts with high-performing service levels and performance targets, including Average Handle Time (AHT).

1,500 customer support experts recruited in 2 months

<4% attrition rate

35,000 customers assisted


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